Solar-powered boat for a better eco-tourism offer of Lake Skadar

The Center for the Protection and Study of Birds (CZIP) and the Public Enterprise for National Parks of Montenegro, in the previous two years, worked on the implementation of the international project “Pannonia-Adria Connection – PA.CON”, supported by funds from the IPA program of the European Union. The improvement of the eco-tourism potential of areas rich in bird species, such as the National Park “Lake Skadar”, was the focus of the project.

“The emphasis within the project was placed on nature protection and the development of sustainable tourism in this area. Thus, through this project, another pelican nesting raft was installed in the Special Reserve ‘Pančeva oka’. In order for visitors to enjoy watching pelicans and other birds, one new and one reconstructed old observatory was built, at the Stanaj and Raduš locations. As Lake Skadar, due to its size, cannot be seen with the naked eye, in the adapted visitor centers in Virpazar and Vranjina, binoculars are waiting for visitors eager to explore birds,” CZIP states.

Virpazar is the main point of departure for the largest number of tourists who decide to spend their vacation on Lake Skadar. It is good to know that tourists who enjoy an active vacation will have a marked bicycle path from Virpazar to Ckla available. After the reconstruction of the old railway embankment, which is nearing completion, Virpazar will also receive a landscaped pedestrian path.

“By the end of the project, the procurement of electric bicycles and accompanying solar charging stations, installation of tourist maps at four locations and a total of seven solar benches at several locations in the National Park area are planned,” said the non-governmental organization.

Visitors and researchers who want to get to know Lake Skadar from the water will be able to board the unique ship of the Center for the Protection and Study of Birds. The ship, which was purchased as part of the project, is powered by an electric motor powered by solar energy, and its movement is almost silent, without vibrations, and without releasing harmful gases into the environment. In this way, it will be ensured that the ship does not disturb the life of the Skadar lake. The ship is designed to transport ten passengers, while one place is specially adapted for people with disabilities.

About 280,000 euros will be invested to improve the tourism infrastructure of Lake Skadar through the “Pannonia-Adria Connection – PA.CON” project.

The project “Pannonia-Adria Connection – PA.CON”, which was supported by the European Union within the IPA Program of cross-border cooperation Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. The leading partner in the PA.CON project is the Municipality of Nijemci from Croatia, partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina – the City of Tuzla and the Development Association NERDA from Tuzla, while in Montenegro the project is implemented by the Center for the Protection and Study of Birds and the National Parks of Montenegro. The total value of the project for all three countries is 1.8 million euros.

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