Adriatic transversal

Hiking and mountaineering around Skadar lake is one of favorite activities in National Park. In addition of large water surface of lake, National Park hides its stupendous hinterland which waits to be discovered. There are dozens of kilometers of marked trails along Skadar Lake andAdriatic coast. More daily hikes through lovely landscapes of natural beauty of the mountain area of Montenegrin coastline offer special and unique type of recreation, so exciting and interesting that attracts an increasing number of tourists during the year. Walking the rocky paths that simply leave you out of breath, walks along village roads that alternately intersect cliffs of the coastal mountains, green corrugated areas of meadows and thick deciduous and pine forests, strolls along old paths close to abandoned hamlets, the coastal architecture surrounding with stone houses offer unforgettable experience to every visitor. From the peak of Orjen, the highest mountain range in the entire Adriatic part of Dinaridi, in the west of Montenegro, coastal mountain transversal goes in south-east direction through the mountain hinterland of Bay of Kotor, continues over Krstac, over slopes of mountain Lovcen, Pastrovacka gora, Sozina, Sutorman and Rumija, and finally leads to Lisinje. Total length of the transversal is 138 km, and it is divided in six parts (Orjen, Boka, Lovcen, Pastrovici, Crmnica and Rumija). It includes 15 checkpoints and three mountain peaks : Zubacki kabao on Orjen (1894m), Jezerski vrh on Lovcen (1657m) and peak of Rumija (1595m).


Hiking tour on Lisinj

Lunje(762m) – Kamisora (1063m) – Loska(1353m) – KT-15 – Pajka (844m) – Veliki Mikulici – Dobri Do (960m)

Veliki Mikulici, a village known after cult of the cross of St Vladimir. It is a cross on which Macedonian tsar Vladislav (1015) swore when he wanted to conquer state Duklja and the town of Drac ruled by prince Vladimir, kept for seven generations in fraternity Androvic from this village. Every year the cross is carried on Trojicin day in front of Litije on top of Rumija, with communion of Christians and Muslims from both sides of the mountain.

Hiking tour on Rumija

Gornja Briska – Church of The Holy Trinity (Saint Trojica)

Rumija is a coastal mountain placed between Skadar lake and the field of Bar. Hikers usually take paths from the side of Bar, the option to climb it from Skadar lake is much harder and requires more effort.

Hiking tour on Sutorman

Dobri do(960m) – Bijela Skala (903m) KT 14 – Skumtati (881m) – 11 antique dwells on Gurza – Cuku leri – viewpoint Lopac – Sutorman – Virpazar

Crossing over the mountain from the sea side, from Skadar lake over saddle Sutorman.

Hiking tour on Lovcen

Kotor – Krstac (948m) – Jezerski vrh – Njegoš mausoleum (1657m) – Vrh polja Njeguši (850m) – Žanjev Do (900m)

Lovcen is not only the mountain, it is a holy place that every Montenegrin or his guests see as something sacred. Something like Olympus to ancient Greeks or Ararat mountain to Armenians. The place is wrapped in history, with the Old royal capital of Cetinje, where to this day is the residence of the president of Montenegro. On top of Lovcen is mausoleum where the greatest ruler and writer of Montenegro, Petar II Petrovic Njegos, was buried.


Walking path through the valley of Orahovštica river

This path is suitable for all visitors, it requires only moderate fitness, can also be used for bicycling and riding horses. The area is rich with forest, so the majority of the path goes through it. It is possible to use it throughout the entire year. Aside from rich and diverse flora, of special value are the old bridges on Orahovštica river, gorge at Opacko hill, waterfall of the stream at Dupilo, rural continent of Dupilo village, closeness of Orahovo monastery, the old hydropower Podgor. Resting places are the viewpoint Opacko hill and the fountain in Dupilo.

Walking path Zabes-Godinje

Attractiveness of this path is the variety of its content, like Zabes village with the interesting architecture of Crmnica villages, viewpoint Brcelice from which you can see Crmnica area, majority of Skadar lake and its hinterland. Especially interesting is the rural continent of village Godinje (hamlets Nikaci and Lekovici), with characteristic architecture, wine cellars, decorated fountains and old mill ruins. There is a summerhouse of Balsic dynasty from the Middle Ages. From the settled viewpoint (threshing floor) the fortress – island Grmozur can be noticed. Godinje is famous for good quality wine producers.

Walking path riverbed of Sutorman small river

Interesting path, although demanding in terms of shape because of altitude difference. Part of the path until Kozjak can be used throughout entire year for picnics and recreation (when the level of the water is low). Special attraction are mills in Litine, railroad track, vineyards, flora and fauna.

Recreational path Vranjina

Path leads to village Vranjine and homonymous hill, in duration of one hour. From the top you have a spectacular view on Skadar lake. One prong of the path leads next to monastery Vranjina.


Eco-trail Obod


Interesting recreational path that leads next to Obod printing house, from Crnojevic river to Obod cave. Duration of approximately two hours.

Speleological tours

Possibility of visiting Lipa cave and Obod cave, sightseeing of cave decorations: stalactites and stalagmites. Duration of the tour is eight hours.