Kayaking or rowing on Skadar lake is one of the most wanted activities that can be realized in the National Park. Taking into consideration the characteristics of the lake which enable this activity form April until November, kayaking is the right choice for water sport enthusiasts. It is possible to approach all hidden places and quietly enjoy the nature. This type of ride on the lake is the most recommended one because of its ecological aspect as well as for raising awareness on the protection of Skadar lake National Park.

Depending on physical shape and affinities, our guests can use kayak:
✓ single (for one person)
✓double (for two people)



Circular path around Vranjina island. After leaving Virpazar channel you go directly towards Vranjina island, which can be toured completely taking any direction you prefer. Somewhere in the middle of the tour is the perfect place to take a rest – the monastery of Saint Nicholas.

The total length of the tour is 13 km.


Visiting the abandoned stone village Poseljani. Extraordinary surrounding made of steep mountain stream, which after numerous waterfalls flows into Skadar lake, surrounded by numerous ruins of old stone houses and water mills.

Total length of the tour is 15 km.


Karuc is a small fisherman village on the coast of Skadar lake. ,,The eye,, of Karuc – a source famous for the great catch of fish, so in time instead of the temporary the permanent fisherman village was created on the spot. Above the village dominates the winter home of St Peter of Cetinje (Petar I Petrović Njegos), from which, unfortunately, only the walls have remained.

Total length of the tour is 25 km.




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Grmozur, a former Ottoman fortress and border station towards Montenegro, later turned into prison for the most notorious convicts in time of Prince Nikola, and today a nest for the great cormorant, wall lizards and other small birds. It looks surreal in its beauty, like a perl in emerald water.

Total length of the tour is 8 km.

Grmozur and Pjesacac beach

In the south of Skadar lake, under the village Godinje, on until then inaccessible terrain, a touristic complex in Montenegrin ethno, Mediterranean style was built. A beautiful beach was made there. Wide stone stairs lead from the beach to covered terraces and facilities on multiple levels.

Total length of the tour is 10 km.

Of course, those who enjoy recreation can enjoy kayaking on much shorter relations in Virpazar zone and in numerous channels that surround Skadar lake.