The IPA project brings significant investments to Virpazar

The Center for the Protection and Study of Birds (CZIP) and the National Parks of Montenegro in the next two years will work on the implementation of the project “Pannonia-Adria Connection – PA.CON”, which was supported by the European Union as part of the IPA Program of cross-border cooperation Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. The total value of the project for all three countries is 1.8 million euros, while around 280,000 euros will be invested for the improvement of the tourism infrastructure of Lake Skadar, through the activities of CZIP and JP NPCG.


The leading partner in the PA.CON project is the Municipality of Nijemci from Croatia, while the partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina are the City of Tuzla and the Development Association NERDA from Tuzla.

As emphasized in the CZIP, the development of the tourist offer in the National Park must also include the investment of additional efforts in order to protect nature, so through this project another pelican nesting raft will be installed.

“Also, two observatories will be set up for bird watching, and the visitor centers in Virpazar and Vranjina will be adapted and equipped with binoculars for those tourists who want to get to know the feathered inhabitants of the lake better. Taking into account that Virpazar is the main starting point for the largest number of tourists who decide to spend their holidays on Lake Skadar, additional funds will be invested in the reconstruction of the old railway embankment in Virpazar, the marking of the Virpazar – Ckla bicycle path, but also in the purchase of solar-powered boats, electric bicycles and accompanying solar stations, all with the aim of promoting tourist activities with a low impact on the environment. In addition, the acquisition of technical equipment, installation of tourist maps and solar benches at several locations in the National Park area is planned,” the announcement states.

The implementation of the PA.CON project officially started on October 15, 2020 and will last a total of 24 months. The PA.CON project aims to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism in the project area in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. It is planned that this goal will be achieved through the activation of unused natural resources, the common feature of which is the wealth of ornitofauna.

“By creating a common tourist offer based on the wealth of birdlife and natural resources, all with the help of a cross-border approach, the PA.CON project aims to strengthen and diversify the tourist offer and sustainable use of natural resources in the cross-border region”, they state in the CZIP.

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